Exporting tips

  • Make sure images are JPG
  • Make sure videos are MP4 / MOV / GIF (GIF being quite big but providing a loop functionality. Some sites however also allow for MP4s to loop)
  • Wipe metadata if you care about that
  • In Photoshop use Export instead of Save as and export as sRGB not as Embeded Color Profile

Showcasing Topology Count in Portfolio

The reason why it’s common practice to state the model’s topology count in one’s portfolio, is to show how optimized it is. The value one states should be easy to grasp and as close as possible to the final count, which as a game artist is the topology count in the game engine. I recommend sticking with triangles (tris) as the unit when showcasing the topology count of different parts of the model and in addition once mentioning the total in engine vertices count of the entire model.

This is because most people are more accustomed to triangle count and will be more easily able to visualize the value. On the other hand, vertex count is also important as it can show that one nicely tried to avoid unnecessary UV and smoothing splits, but this can also be seen when showcasing the texture maps or a checker map on the model.

As mentioned above, it’s good to show a breakdown of the topology count, often this includes things like hair, base mesh, clothing / accessories and the weapon. If the character is showcased on some vehicle or in some environment, then the topology count of that (if at all) is mentioned separately and never added up with that up the character.