Compositing Software

SoftwareArea of usePerformanceCompositing features
Photoshop📷Image compositingVery fastThe most
Clip Studio Paint📷 Image compositingMissing some more obscure features
Blender⚙️ In render engine compositingVery slow
DaVinci ResolveğŸŽ¥ Video compositingThe fastest video compositor
PremiereğŸŽ¥ Video compositingVery fast
FilmorağŸŽ¥ Video compositing
LightroomğŸŽžï¸ Bulk image compositing

Photoshop compositing

Photoshop is by far the best for compositing images. If one plans on compositing EXR images in Photoshop, the EXR IO plugin is needed.

Adjustment Layers


Post Processed Bloom