🚧Work in Progress🚧

Volumetric Fog

Fog Object

  • Plane is a good shape (only convex shapes work)
  • Noise into Principled Volume plugged into Emission Strength with Density 0 or use Density input.

Fog Light

  • Volume Scatter node
  • Render settings:
    • Volumetric Clamping (Bigger values dulls light source, increase light intensity to get same amount of light)
    • Volumetric Tile Size (Lower values increase quality)
    • Volumetric Samples (Reduces noise)
    • Volumetric Shadows (Adds realism to fog fall off)
    • Soft Shadows
    • Increase Cube Size
    • Increase Cascade Size


God Ray

Blocky edges problem (in Blender Eevee):

  • Increase Cube Size (Shadows)
  • Increase Cascade Size (Shadows)
  • Increase Tile Size (Volumetrics)
  • Increase Samples (Volumetrics)
  • Increase Samples


Links https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLEvpel3nHY