• All options are under N > BoxCutter and the gear in the header
  • Turn off Sort modifiers to not bevel new bool cuts, this is mostly desired(this can also be achieved by keeping this on and correcting the sort order)
  • Some bool modes are in x cycle the others are in D-Helper
  • Don’t use the magnet with Ngon, but rather its own built in angle lock (ctrl for magnet off)
  • While placing bevel one can access the D helper menu after locking the bevel
  • Bool snapping to object, view or origin can be adjusted in D-Helper
  • Magnet is very important sometimes better without grid
  • When using lasercut depth cap, the exact bool solver should be on


Bool Modes

  • Slice: Extract shape
  • Intersect: Only keep intersection area
  • Inset: Shell like effect
  • Join: Add shape on object
  • Make: Add shape as new object
  • Knife: Directly cuts edges into mesh (Watch out when going over bool mods)
  • Extract: Select piece of geo for bool cut and then place the extracted shape


Alt + WSwitch between BoxCutter and HardOps
WGo back to normal Blender
DBoxcutter Pie Menu
Alt/Shift while pulling bool cut
TabLock bool
XCycle through Boolean modes
WCycle through Wedges (Ctrl for perfect 90° wedge)
G / R / STransformation (Ctrl + R for 90° rotation, X / Y/ Z for axis lock)
TSolidify (Increase size, scale, depth)
VArray (V again for circle array)

Hard Ops



  • knife project (shift on knife)
  • Tab for Lock Shape


Alt + VViewport Menu
Ctrl + +Hops Join
Clean Border
Edge manager under operations bevel manager
Shift + NRecalculate Normals

Q menu in Object Mode

BevelAfter a bevel has been added ,adding a new bevel will edit the existing one
Ctrl + Click on BevelAdd new bevel
Ctrl + Shift + Click on BevelAdd new bevel with 60° angle
Array V2Only works if no booleans exist
XChange Axis
ScrollChange amount
Hold X and tap CtrlChange Axis without getting set back to the object origin
AAdd another Array
Mod Scroll/ToggleAllows you to scroll through all booleans
Alt + Click on Mod ScrollSmart Apply (applies all boolean modifiers)
Shift + Click on Mod ScrollSlowly reveals all booleans
DiceA Powerful loop cut tool. Allows one to create loop cuts on Ngons.
Twist 360°Uses many modifiers to create a circle of your object
Radial ArrayA circular array

Q menu in Edit Mode

MarkA controlled Sharpen
Curve Extract
Curve ExtractReplaces edges with pipes
Alt + Click on Curve ExtractReplaces edges with pipes and deletes Face
Ctrl + Click on Curve ExtractDuplicates a face and makes it to a new object
Shift + Click on Curve ExtractDuplicates a face and makes it to a new object and gives it a Solidify Modifier
CircleBest on Vertices. Creates a circle that can be adjusted. Also works on corners.
EM MacroEM Macro
Ctrl + Click on EM MacroExtrudes Quad Spikes from a face
Alt + Click on EM MacroExtrude along Normals
Shift + Click on EM MacroIntrude the Face along the Edges (Ctrl to change size)

To-Do: |Alt + V| |Alt + M| hops helper Polygon debug Alt and shift click on mark




FuseAdd Bevel
RefuseModify Bevel
UnfuseRemove Bevel (only removes all bevels til to the last bevel)
UnchamferRemove Bevel (only works on a single bevel)
FlatenSelect 2 faces and flatten the second selected one or select 3 verts with verts between them to make everything be in a straight line
Change WidthChange Width

Grid Modeler



Ctrl + ScrollSubdivide Grid
Alt + ScrollChange Grid Size
Ctrl + ClickFit Grid to an Edge
PRotate Grid at placed line (Ctrl+P Rotate grid at blue line or middle if there is no blue line)
ASwitch between relative mode and absolute mode
UDisable Snapping
F1Save Grid and Shapes
F2Load grid and Shapes
GCenter Grid to Face Center
Arrow Key Up / DownMove Grid
YConstruction Line
SpaceStop drawing
W / Right ClickSwitch between selection mode and normal mode
G / R / SMove/ Rotate / Scale (X or Y to scale on axis)
EEdit Shape (Entf to dissolve, F to fill or delete, A to add)
DArray (C for rotation)
CCustom Shape (Hold Shift + Scroll to change edge amount)
NFlip Sideways
MFlip Horizontally
IInset / Outset
Alt + N/ MMirror every selected shape at blue +
Q / EnterBoolean/Finish