This is probably one of the most important pages of the handbook, here I’ll link to things like character breakdowns, articles, YouTube channels to learn workflows from and more. Instead of having resources spread accross the handbook, I’ve put them all in one place for easy viewing.

Portfolio Showcases

More Technical


Marmoset Viewer


Video I collected short 3D character presentation videos in this playlist. These are mostly a turn table animation or some other interesting camera pan over a character.


Character Project Breakdowns & Showcases

These are more informative than the portfolio showcases and go into technical detail on workflows and such.



YouTube Channels

For ZBrush

Keos MasonsMichael Pavlovich
Flipped NormalsRoyal Skies
Speed CharOutgang
J HillDanny Mac
Folgore CGIRyan Kingslien
Pixologic ZBrush

Guide & Article Websites

Specific Guides, Articles & Books

These are all digital and free:



Art & Reference Art Websites

3D Model Websites

For learning purposes it can be a great help to look at and dissect models from games and other artist.

Other Asset Websites