These are the add-ons I recommend using, most of which I use on a somewhat frequent basis. Add-ons marked with a lable, are add-ons I love and think are essential. “Built-in” add-ons are add-ons that are shipped with Blender.

Many of these add-ons are free and others come with a hefty price. If you’re willing to spend some money, then these are the only ones you really need:

Where to get Blender add-ons

Gumroad takes less of a cut from the creator than Blender Market, so try buying add-ons from there.

Other Blender add-on lists

CG Cookie also has a good add-on list (which live updates as time goes on).

UI Improvements & System Overhauls

Hard Surface Modeling

Kushiro’s Tools

Kushiro has many great add-ons which are showcased on Kushiro’s channel.

Other Hard Surface


I don’t use Blender sculpting add-ons anymore because I sculpt in ZBrush.


For rigging in Blender, you need one of these two add-ons. They are even helpful when you create your entire rig by yourself (which I don’t recommend with your first couple of rigs).



I don’t do texturing in Blender.

Asset, Material, HDRI

I don’t use any of these anymore because I’ve switched to Substance Painter, Mari and 3D Coat for texturing. Blender’s node system used for texturing is very inflexible and a pain to work with, when the projects goal is to be real-time / game-ready or rendered in any other software.

  • Kit Ops Pro (Kit Bash modeling & Adding detail to your Hard Surface models) - ($$$)
  • Blenderkit (Material and asset library) - (free and paid)
  • EEVEE-Materials (Material library) - ($$$)




  • Node Wrangler (Node managing tool) - [Documentation] - (Built-in)
  • Node Preview (Shows the texture result of every node, extremely helpful for understanding complex node networks) - ($$)

Generation & Procedural

  • A.N.T Landscape (Landscape generator) - (Built-in)



  • Quad Remesher (Similar to ZBrush’s ZRemesher, made by the maker of ZRemesher) - ($$$$$$)
  • Retopo Flow (Retopology, performance is quite lacking (not worth the price by a long shot)) - ($$$$$)



I haven’t used any of these enough, but they seem interesting.

  • Material Utilities
  • Texel Density Checker
  • Cloth weaver
  • Tree vegitation
  • Botanic
  • Hdr maker
  • True terrain
  • Nyserga
  • Graswalt
  • City builder 3D
  • Animation extras
  • Spread objects
  • Mirror selected bones
  • Anti seam
  • Moleclular script
  • Cube surfer (Related to Moleclular script)
  • Mira tools
  • Instant meshes remesh
  • Speed retopo
  • Retopo mt
  • Zen ui
  • Checker (part of zen ui)
  • Real camera
  • Renderman
  • Mashine tools
  • Pivot transform
  • VMesh
  • X Muscles system
  • Animiade
  • Ivy Gen
  • Auto Mirror
  • Geo Sign
  • Real Water
  • Lazy Vfx
  • Assets Library Builder
  • RealCloud
  • Stylized Tree And Plants Library Flora Paint
  • BMesh